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Boarding up options

Learn about boarding up and if it's a good option for your business or home, as well as some useful information about how it works and when you should consider it

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James Mitchell

Boarding up consultant

Last updated: 18 September 2020

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Is boarding up property a good idea?

Whether your property's commercial or residential, there are times when boarding up a property is essential. This could be following an accident or a break-in, or if you're property's vacant for example and you want to make sure it's not easy for intruders to gain entry. Here we'll go through the boarding up essentials to help you understand if it's right for you.

Why do you need to board up a property?

There are a number of reasons you should consider boarding up to protect your business or home. Boarding up a property helps prevent:

  • Further risk by securing any vulnerabilities until you can get a full repair done

  • Vandalism

  • Easy access to your business or home

Protect your property from further crime and vandalism

If a burglar manages to get into a property, they could return for another robbery attempt. If their entry point, such as a smashed window or broken door, is left unsecured, it'll be much easier for them to enter your property.

If installed by an expert, the preventative boarding up can offer security following an act of crime. The boards act as a clear deterrent to criminals or vandals, forming a solid barrier to prevent trespass, squatting or arson, for example. The timber boards can be fitted using anti-tamper screws for added security. 

Protect yourself when making a claim

Boarding up help with your insurance liability when making a claim as many insurers only payout where there's evidence of forced entry. So, if you're aware of a broken window or forced lock but don't take any action to prevent eventual crime or vandalism, you may not be successful with your claim and could even be liable if the criminal act, like arson, leads to a public safety issue. 

When do you need to board up a property?

You should consider boarding up your property when:

Your business or home has suffered from crime or accidental damage

Opportunist criminals could target properties which are vacant, both short-term, such as between tenants for a rental property, and long-term, like when a business is no longer operating.

There could be something more straightforward, like a ball coming through the window.

Your business or home is left vacant

Opportunist criminals could target properties which are vacant, both short-term, such as between tenants for a rental property, and long-term, like when a business is no longer operating. 

Your business or home is having repair works

Boarding up helps prevent trespassing while repair works are being carried out. It could also help prevent accidents from debris or theft of any items inside the property. 

Your business or home is showing signs of weather damage

If you notice signs of weather damage, such as loose tiles, boarding up can help prevent lasting damage from the effects of weathering - this, in turn, could lead to structural decay or damage if left. 

How do you board up a property?

There are several options available when it comes to boarding up your property. 

Timber boards

These boards are cut specifically to your door and window measurements. They're secured from the outside of your property by fitting them to your window or door frames. Timber boards are often used for temporary, emergency boarding up after crime or an accident. 

Steel boards

Solid steel barriers offer durability and security for broader entry points like a warehouse or garage door. Perforated steel screens allow light into the property so inspections or assessments can still be carried out. Steel screens can be installed on the interior of your property to offer a longer-term security option. 

Glazing film

Sometimes glazing film (a thin laminate insulation film fitted to the interior or exterior of a glass surface) may be more suitable than a board. If fitted by an expert technician, they should know if this option is better suited to your property and needs. 

More on boarding up.

Use an expert boarding up service

Boarding up requires skill and expertise to prevent damage to your doors or windows. You should always look to find qualified experts who'll be able to take you through all your options. That's where Mersey Locksmiths come into it. 

Why Mersey Locksmiths for your boarding up?

We know nobody plans on using a boarding up service, but it's important you can feel confident, safe and reassured when you do come to need it. That's exactly what we're here for.

  • 24/7 and emergency boarding up service with no-call out fees

  • We carry a large range of materials and tools to get the job done first time

  • Boarding up service to insurance company standards

  • We offer free, no-obligation quotes - get your boarding up quote

  • We provide our boarding up service in Liverpool, Cheshire and West Lancs

  • We measure and cut your boards on site and don't cause any damage to your frames

  • We offer affordable pricing and flexible payments and don't charge VAT

  • We have credit accounts available for commercial customers

  • We're trusted, qualified, local experts: CORGI Fenestration Skilled Locksmiths(➚) and City & Guilds(➚) accredited, while our technicians carry ID cards and are DBS(➚) checked for your peace of mind​​

Mersey Locksmiths Corgi Fenestration Skills Locksmith accreditation
Mersey Locksmiths City & Guilds Accreditation
Mersey Locksmiths Checkatrade 5 star rat

Don't just take our word for it... 

"One of my rentals was empty after the last tenants left it in a state. Some idiots found this out and decided to smash their way in to make it a hideout. Mersey Locksmiths boarded the whole house up quickly and at a great price. The unwanted guests didn't come back after this so my repair works could continue." Ted, Runcorn

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Last updated: 20 April 2020