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Boarding up in Liverpool

Protect your home or business with our 24 hour emergency, expert boarding up service in Liverpool, Cheshire and West Lancs. Free quotes. No call-out charges. No VAT.

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What is boarding up?

Boarding up, simply put, is professionally sealing your broken doors or windows following break-ins, fires, or vandalism, for example, in your home or business. This involves fitting a timber board (OSB3, 11mm) to the inside of a uPVC frame, or the outside of a timber or aluminium frame, perfectly covering any gaps exposed by damage.

  • Prevent further risk by securing any vulnerabilities until you can get a full repair done

  • Custom cut boards expertly fitted to prevent damage to the frames

  • Increased protection to prevent vandalism or easy access to your property

  • See when you may need a boarding up service

How does boarding up work?

Boarding up is essential following an accident or break-in on your premises until you can get your damaged doors or windows properly repaired. It involves skill and expert execution to mitigate further damage to your property and should always be fitted by a trained technician to prevent damage to your door or window frames.

No damage to your doors or window frames

If installed by an expert, the boards aren't just screwed or nailed into your frames. They are measured to perfection and are specific to your property. They are then fitted to insurance standards using the latest methods without causing any damage or lasting cosmetic issues.

Help protect your property

The boards will remain fitted until you can arrange for a proper repair on your door or window. The timber boards, again if fitted by trained experts, should be durable, lasting and tough to prevent easy access and further damage. This will help protect your home or business and give you peace of mind while you're waiting for the repair work to be carried out. 

Alternatives to boarding up

As all properties and requirements are different, it's important to understand if boarding up is in fact right for your property. Sometimes glazing film (a thin laminate insulation film fitted to the interior or exterior of a glass surface) may be more suitable than a board. An expert technician like Mersey Locksmiths can confidently and clearly talk you through your options to make sure you get the right level of security and protection needed. 

Why Mersey Locksmiths for your boarding up?

We know nobody plans on using a boarding up service, but it's important you can feel confident, safe and reassured when you do come to need it. That's exactly what we're here for. 

24/7 and emergency boarding up service

Mersey Locksmiths are available around the clock. We can either book in a specific slot with you, or have an emergency call-out available - unlike some, we don't add any emergency call-out fees to your free, no-obligation quote. 

We carry a large range of materials and tools

We aim to get the job done first time which is why we have all the materials and tools needed for our boarding up service in the workshop in our van. So, when we arrange a date and time that works for you, you'll know exactly when your property will be boarded up and protected, meaning you can get back to feeling safe sooner. Get a free quote.

Boarding up service to insurance company standards

We use the latest methods and modern materials. We'll run you through your boarding up options and make sure the timber is cut to size to fit your broken windows or doors, all without damaging your frames.

Affordable pricing, flexible payments

We don't charge VAT and, as we're local, we're able to keep costs down as we don't use national call centres - we're able to get to you quickly and do the job at the right price. You can pay by cash, or credit/debit card for convenience.

Trusted, qualified, local experts

We're CORGI Fenestration Skilled Locksmiths(➚) and City & Guilds(➚) accredited. Our technicians carry ID cards and are DBS(➚) checked. We're fully insured and provide a professional, efficient and tidy boarding up service for your home or business across Liverpool, Cheshire and West Lancs.

Mersey Locksmiths Corgi Fenestration Skills Locksmith accreditation
Mersey Locksmiths City & Guilds Accreditation
Mersey Locksmiths Checkatrade 5 star rat

Don't just take our word for it... 

"My shop windows were smashed as part of a burglary. Mersey Locksmiths turned up very quickly during the night and did a great job reassuring me and securing my shop. Given it was 3am and an emergency, I was dreading the price, but I was surprised with the bill. Couldn't recommend these enough! Thanks again guys!" Alex, Allerton

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Here when you need us

We'd love to help you with our boarding up service when you're ready. All our quotes are free and 100% no-obligation which you can arrange online or by calling us. If it's an emergency, we recommend calling us to make sure we can help you as soon as possible.


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Last updated: 24 September 2020