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Double glazing repairs Liverpool

Broken or misted uPVC windows? Sort them with our expert 24 hour window repair service in Liverpool, Cheshire and West Lancs. Get your fast, free quote over the phone.

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What are double glazing repairs?

Double glazing repairs are needed when a double glazed unit, or a DGU, has smashed, cracked or failed (misted). This involves fitting a new DGU into the window frame to repair the damage or fault.

  • Each double glazed unit is individually manufactured for your window

  • There are 3 main types of glass used in domestic and commercial glazing repairs: float glass, safety glass and laminated glass - there's a legal requirement to have a certain glass in specific areas

  • Double glazed units come in different sizes, colours and finishes

How do I know if my double glazing needs a repair?

There are many reasons why your double gazing may need a repair. Some of the most common signs are:

  • A draught

  • A leak

  • They let excessive noise in 

  • They have visible damage

  • They're difficult to open or lock

  • They're covered in condensation , or misted

Most of these problems can be repaired by a double glazing repair expert who can help you understand what can be fixed and what needs to be replaced completely. 

Why does my double glazing need a repair?

We come across a lot of problems when speaking with customers, with the most common being the window has become difficult to open or close.

Double glazing that's difficult to open or dropping

Your double glazed window may become difficult to open, close or lock if the mechanism is stiff, the lock or handle is catching, or the hinges have become loose. Weather can also cause the frame to expand or shrink, making it difficult to open or close.

Double glazing that's misting or steaming up

Condensation or misted glass occurs if there's not enough ventilation in a house or room - this can even happen on newly installed double glazed units. It's a particular problem in winter when it's cold outside and warm in your home.

Double glazing where the seal around the window has gone

If the condensation is between the glass panes, then the seals are likely to be broken or no longer working properly. It's easy to replace the seal without the entire window being replaced. This is easier to do on frames where the seals (also called gaskets) are separate, rather than built-in. If the seal can't be changed on its own, sometimes the glass can be replaced instead of the whole frame. The benefit, compared with just replacing the seals, is that the gas between the panes (which stops heat passing through) will also be restored.

Why Mersey Locksmiths & Glazing for your double glazing repairs?

We're expert glaziers with years of experience in double glazing repairs. 

We're a genuine local company

Mersey Locksmiths are a local business - not a national call centre, so we can offer more affordable prices

All work guaranteed

We offer a 5 year guarantee on all double glazed units, so if your windows mist up again after we fit a new DGU, you can rest assured we'll be with you to fit a new one at no extra cost. 

Free quotes and free callouts

We don't charge VAT and, as we're local, we're able to get to you quickly and do the job at the right price with no extra callout charges like some other companies may add to your quote. You can pay by cash, or credit/debit card for convenience.

Get a free quote.

Trusted, qualified, local experts

We're CORGI Fenestration Skilled Locksmiths(➚) and City & Guilds(➚) accredited. Our technicians carry ID cards and are DBS(➚) checked. We're fully insured and provide a professional, efficient and tidy boarding up service for your home or business across Liverpool, Cheshire and West Lancs.

Mersey Locksmiths Corgi Fenestration Skills Locksmith accreditation
Mersey Locksmiths City & Guilds Accreditation
Mersey Locksmiths Checkatrade 5 star rat

Don't just take our word for it... 

"My windows were constantly steaming up (some days worse than others!). Mersey Locksmiths & Glazing gave me an instant quote over the phone based on my rough measurements. I was happy with the price and called them back to measure accurately. Although my measurements were slightly out, they stuck to the price they'd originally quoted. Massive thumbs up for these!" Shirley, Formby

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Last updated: 8 November 2020