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24 hour boarding-up service now available

We're pleased to let you know that Mersey Locksmiths now offer a 24 hour call-out to board up broken doors or windows.

Remove the risk

If the worst has happened and someone has broken your door or smashed your window, our prompt service will help prevent further risk until you can get them properly repaired.

No call-out charges

As always, we don't have any unnecessary call-out charges to help keep your costs under control.

Payment options

As well as paying by cash, you can also pay by credit or debit card. Our technicians carry a card reader with them, which could be ideal if you don't have any cash on you and can't get to a cash machine during the night, for example.

A service you can trust

All of these services come with usual Mersey Locksmiths benefits:

Book now

To book, simply call us on 07510 624 027. For more info, read our boarding up page.