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Extra security

We're committed to help you improve you home security at affordable prices, with our qualified, expert service. Our range of extra security options are easy solutions to make things more secure around your home, without breaking the bank.

Mersey Locksmiths Lockable Sash Jammer.j

Lockable sash jammers

Ideal for securing externally opening doors and windows. Easy, affordable solution to improve home security. 


Mersey Locksmiths Letterbox Guard.jpg

Letterboxes are a magnet for burglars. We supply and fit letterbox guards to stop key fishing, lock turning and nosy unwanted visitors.


Mersey Locksmiths UAP door restrictor-mi

Ideal for internally opening doors. They keep burglars our and little people in, if you have a thumb turn lock.


Mersey Locksmiths Patio Door Push Locks.

For sliding patio doors or windows. This useful tool stops the door being slid or lifted, keeping opportunist burglars at bay.